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Solid Bronze

from the Ambistyle Metallics Collection

Ambistyle Metallics



Solid Bronze is available in the following options

Back Panel
Height mm
Width mm
Depth mm
Acoustic Felt
Stone Veneer
Acoustic Felt
Stone Veneer


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Hear the Difference with Ambistyle!

Click the play button and then use the toggle switch to listen 'with' or 'without' Ambistyle acoustic dampening

Without Ambistyle  
  With Ambistyle

This in not an 'actual' recording of a room setting - this demonstration is to experience how acoustic dampening could affect a room's ambient sound


Ambistyle Wall Decor Information


Am I able to colour-match panels to my existing hardwood decor?

Yes, as we manufacture our own panels we do offer a bespoke service where we can colour match panels to your existing hardwood decor - IE flooring, doors, trims.

Please note that we are unable to offer a colour matching service for natural stone veneers.

Where can Ambistyle panels be fitted?

Ambistyle Wall Decor is ideal for both residential or commercial installations. You can fit them directly onto wood, plasterboard, brick, or of you don't have a solid surface, you can apply them to a battened surface or stud wall frame.

Is Ambistyle easy to install?

Ambistyle Panels are very easy to fit. You have a choice of installation with the easiest being gluing or screwing panels to existing walls. You can also apply battens to the wall which can then have the panels attached to them. Ambistyle Panels are an 'overlapping' product which hides its own joins.

Can panels be installed horizontally?

The choice is yours! We have seen some amazing installations where a panel is used very subtly within a room and fitted horizontally - its all about the need and design!

Can cables be hidden behind Ambistyle panels?

Of course. For a more even finish , we would recommend installing the panels onto battens so that they are perpendicular to the walls. Screwing the panels to the battens will also make them easier to remove and replace should you need to access the hidden items.

Installing around obstructions

Cutting panels for obstructions is easy. Use a small saw or electric multi-tool for the slats once you have measured and marked the area to remove, and a sharp crafting/DIY blade for the felt. It is always simplest to cut the slats horizontally and the felt vertically if you can without the need to cut slats length ways. Our top tip when cutting your panels, "Measure twice, cut once" - you'll thank us for it!


Made from high-density recycled materials, Ambistyle panel backing felt carries a B1 Fire Retardency rating

Ambistyle Acoustic panels offer superior acoustic dampening properties by absorbing sound waves

Ambistyle panels are easy to install and can be fitted using various methods; Gluing or Screwing







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